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RES is particularly keen to see local communities benefiting from wind farms and for this reason, we offer significant community funds which allow local people to benefit from the wind farm's profits. It is up to the local community as to how the funds are managed and spent. Forss II Wind Farm has an established community fund which is managed by West Caithness Community Fund. 

Community funds are operating successfully at other RES wind farms in the UK. For example, at Altahullion Wind Farm in Northern Ireland, the fund has been spent on the creation of a new community riverside pathway and footbridge, entertainment activities for family fun days, summer schemes for local children, and the maintenance and running of community buildings. At Black Hill Wind Farm, in the Borders, the fund has been used to prevent a local nursery school from closing. At Forss Wind Farm, in the Highlands the fund has been spent on the erection of Christmas lights, swimming training camps, sports equipment for the local beaver group and educational trips for students.

Community Fund Application Form